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Keef Winter works with sculpture, installation, noise-making and performance. Winter produces abstract apparatus that reference urban dissonance and reflect on cultish practices. His work seeks to embody, in object and sound, a state of transformation that is birthed from symbolic and physical enactments of rupture. In the destruction of a fence or hoarding, a petrol bomb to a peace wall, a brick to a riot shield, a smashed shop window in a protest, the surfaces that are the first to be struck are the elements that form Winter’s material language.



N. Irish artist Keef Winter lives and works in London. Winter studied architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art and a PhD in Philosophy at Ulster University Belfast. His recent exhibitions include: ‘Deep Inside’ (solo) at Galeria Breve; Mexico City (2016); 'Salon Sebastian Monteux', Glasgow International (2016); FUSO & Carpe Diem, Lisbon (2015); ‘Center Point’ (solo), House of St. Barnabas, London (2015); ‘Let’s build our own tomb’ (performance), Matt’s Gallery, London (2015); ‘Neutral’, TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway (2014); ‘London Dust’ (2-person with Rut Blees Luxemburg), Chandelier Projects, London (2014); ‘Stone Dreams’ ORGY PARK, New York (2014); ‘X-Operations’, Wysing Arts Centre Cambridge (2013).



Upcoming is ‘On Becoming Fluid’ (2-person with Merike Estna), Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham (2017); ‘Swimming with Sharks’ (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City (2017), 'Pre-Fix', Sella Del Giardini, Catalyst Arts NI Showcase, Venice, 14th May 2017; 'Can't Help It', Blacktower Projects, London, October 25th 2017.