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Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 22.56.20 keef hammering aftermath 02 smaller judd edit smaller Handhammered Keef Winter 'All I need'_Keef Winter_161cm x 100cm x 20cm_2015 HoSB18 IMG_0312 barnabas shot diane jarvis




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'High Street Girls 01 & 02', Keef Winter, handhammered powdercoated steel, ea. 50cm x 30cm x 10cm, 2016 'fiddler on the roof', keef winter, hammered steel Deep Inside (view 02), Keef Winter, handhammered p 'High Street Girls 03 & 04', Keef Winter, handhamm keef winter bar matts gallery smaller

'Eh Pal', Salon Sebastian Monteaux, Glasgow International, 2016

'Deep Inside' video trailer, solo show, Galeria Breve, Mexico City, Feb 2016

'Sticky enough', Harry Meadows & Keef Winter, Chalton Gallery, London, July 2016

'Sticky Enough' (2-person show with Harry Meadows), exhibition view, Chalton Gallery, London, July 2016

'Jonald Dudd', Chalton Gallery, London, July 2016

09 Keef Winter_ 'Jonald Dudd', powdercoated steel, 16 Winter:Meadows, 'Untitled (ice cream on box)', 160422-0721
01 Winter-Meadows, Sticky Enough exhibition view,

N. Irish artist Keef Winter lives and works in London. Winter studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art and a PhD in Philosophy at Ulster University Belfast. His recent exhibitions include: 'Can't Help It' (solo) at Black Tower Projects, London 2017; 'Pre-Fix', Unofficial Northern Ireland Pavilion, Sella Del Giardini, Venice; 'Swimming with Sharks' (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2017; ‘On Becoming Fluid’, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham 2017;  'Wysing Polyphonic', Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 2016; 'Salon Sebastian Monteux', Glasgow International 2016; ‘Deep Inside’ (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2016; FUSO & Carpe Diem, Lisbon 2015; ‘Center Point’ (solo), House of St. Barnabas, London 2015; ‘Let’s build our own tomb’ (performance), Matt’s Gallery, London 2015; ‘Neutral’, TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway 2014; ‘London Dust’, Chandelier Projects, London 2014; ‘Stone Dreams’ ORGY PARK, New York 2014. 


Upcoming includes a residency at Sirius Art Centre, Ireland 2018 and 'Material Matters' (solo), Galeria Breve, Mexico City 2018.

09 Exhibition View 01 03 Exhibition View to works 04, 05, 06

Keef Winter, ‘Alien’, handhammered powdercoated steel, H80cm x L180cm x W70cm 2017

View to 'On Becoming Fluid', Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham, March 2017; (2-person show with Merike Estna)

View to 'On Becoming Fluid', Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham March 2017

(2-person show with Merike Estna)

Keef Winter, ‘Sometimes I think it was just my imagination’, painted handhammered steel, H180cm x L30cm x W30cm, Hardwick Gallery, 2017

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